Welcome springtime with safe sun exposure – and get your D3!


Dr. Daniel Abraham, D.O., specializes in medical and surgical dermatology in the care of all age ranges, newborns to elderly. He has advanced skills in the identification and treatment of difficult/chronic rashes, as well as in the diagnosis and surgical resolution of skin cancer and precancerous lesions.

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Tanning Beds Still Popular Despite Risk


Tanning bed use remains popular among Americans, a new study shows, despite reported links to an increased risk of skin cancer and the availability of safe "spray-on" tans.

In fact, about one in every five women and more than 6 percent of men say they use indoor tanning, University of Minnesota researchers report.

"Tanning is common, particularly among young women," said study author Kelvin Choi, a research associate from the university's School of Public Health. "The use of tanning is actually higher than smoking."

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